Short brief about ApexOnline.

The main aim in this server was to bring back the real Silkroad game-play when we had the most entertainment moments in our life, we managed to make everyone who participate in our game-play feel satisfied. we added a certain systems that indeed will be a turning point in all SRO players, a server that you will play and remember it by the time.

In Game Info

Degree |11

Race |CH/EU

EU Skills CAP | 110

CH Skills CAP | 120

Max Level |110

Alchemy Rate |1

Solo EXP |80

Sp Rates |85

Guild Limit |50

Job Rates |3

Drop Rate |10

Fortress war |Jangan

Job Temple | Enabled

CTF | Enabled

Magic POP | Yes

Max Opt+ | +12!

Auto Equipment

on of the most convenient Silkroad systems that help players to get their full automatic gear with just teleporting or restarting. its easy to use -Tip : Auto equipment will be working till level 101 { Degree 1 } just for the first 7 days of the grand opening and the reason is because people will face many troubles with mobs with their degree 10 equipments, after 7 days the regular auto equipment will be working which is { Degree 1 to Degree 10 }.

Top 150 players

Isn't it cool to start a leveling race? yeah.. we added this cool system to encourage you guys to reach level 110 faster! the first 50 players who reaches level 110 will be rewarded with 300 silk!.. the other 100 players who reaches level 110 will be rewarded with 200 silk!. so are you ready? TOP 150 REWARD

Unique points [SILK]

Each unique you kill, no matter your level or the unique level will give you some silks, not just that! you will get a free title also, and don't worry if someone else killed a unique and got the title from you, your old title will be back for you.


Tiger Girl|1


Captain Ivy|3



Lord Yarkan|6

Demon Shaitan|7



Chinese new mastery

Those new skills aren't that OP. but they are very helpful, instead of adding 20% skill for Chinese characters we added this build to massively balance between Europe and Chinese, you gotta try it once you download the game. And yes, don't worry about adding them, because the Chinese mastery is 440 { 4 builds }.

Honor Buff

We didn't want to walk in the regular way and enable the honor buff by graduating, it's just not fair for everyone.. people start farming accounts and get the full honor buff, while some players can't event get one buff. we thought adding honor buff with job would be much better, so from now and on each kill in the job mode will give you 1 honor point, but don't try to cheat and farm on a jobber char, because you will only be able to get 1 point from 1 char every 1 hour. Note: the honor buff list contain only 5 players ' they get full honor buff '

New unique drops


Medusa|Arena Coins

Medusa|Key of Bloodline

Medusa|Nova Items

Tortoise|Arena coins

Black Hawk|Arena coins

White Tiger|Arena coins

Shinmo Man|Arena coins

Soso|Arena coins

Roc|Egy A Items

Roc|Arena coins

Serenes Grade 4|Adv

Frgotten World Collection

As we promised to bring back the real Silkroad game-play, we added the significant FGW system with the regular reward { Egy A weapons } but not just that, we added also the shield to the collection, so you have all choices.

Magic pop

Magic pop is a different system here, because you are not able to obtain the magic pop cards from the item mall anymore, also the magic pop items has been changed and modified, you can get the magic pop cards now from Event So-OK , each player you kill you will get 1 card, those cards can be used at the magic pop game to get you much items like dragon flags, immortal & astral stones, arena coins (10 quantity)

Roc spawn

Roc is one of the most powerful uniques in the history of silkroad, we brought it back also to join our league, the Roc will spawn in his regular room.. At MT.Roc Roc teleporter , the Roc will spawn only 1 time everyday. and to enter the gate you need the key of bloodline which dropping from medusa. the Roc has its own drops and its precious! he drops Egy A items Just 1 part every time and arena coins.

Job temple quests

You will be able to make many quests there, all quests will be rewarding you with arena coins, they are easy.. kill mobs inside the temple and deliver the quest.

Egy A items Set & Accessories

Since we added much arena coins in the server, its so obvious that this is the main currency, we added Egy A items at the npc for arena coins.. you can find those npcs at Alex north near the storage .

Upgrade system

This system will allow you to upgrade your Egy A items to Egy B,all you have to do is MUST make your Egy A item +7, then put it in the first slot of your inventory.. then use the upgrade scroll, use return scroll or restart your char. your new Egy B item will be in your inventory with the same stats and blue.


We added some helpful items at the npc like penalty removers and dragon flag, you can find them jewelry shop at jangan. also you can find a full blue sun items at npc, for people who get any trouble with auto equipment, or who wants to play with more poweful gear Note: there's a berserk potion at the item mall with a 10 minutes cooldown.

Server Schedule

You can check the official server time at the website GMT+2


Medusa| 3AM - 9AM - 3PM - 9PM

Roc| 6 PM

Battle Arena|Every 2 hours Random Only

So-OK|Every 2 hours

Fortress War|Friday 7 PM

Weekly PVP|Saturday 7 PM

Weekly Unique| Friday 10 PM

Note: we will start the weekly event after the 150 player event finishes.

Offline events

By using our signature in elitepvpers you will be rewarded with 50 silk! you have to be registered user before 10-02-2017..