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Apex Legends v1.1.1 patch notes

The audience of Apex Legends rather quickly divided the heroes of this royal battle into useful and useless, and the second category includes Gibraltar and Caustic. And it's not at all in their abilities, but in their size compared to other characters. Both fighters are much larger than the others, which is why it is much easier to shoot at them. The patch 1.1.1 released today corrected this flaw in a very unusual way for the genre.

We are glad to announce that we are released in beta! We really loved Apex Legends and decided to create a community that will have important advantages compared to other resources. One of the main reasons Play-Apex was born is because there is a need to analyse Apex Legends stats. We did not find a single popular resource that would allow us not only to look the stats trackers value, but also to explore the potential of characters and weapons. Therefore, we set out to make the first resource that will allow us to analyze all the available aspects of the game, from choosing the strongest hero or gun by their strengths and weaknesses. © 2019