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Best places to loot in Apex Legends

Any "royal battle" begins with the landing and collecting the necessary items. In Apex Legends, in addition to weapons, players need to find armor, a helmet, a backpack and a knock-out shield, as well as a whole supply of healing kits. We tell you where to find the best loot and how the legendary equipment works.

Map is called "Kings Canyon". All locations on the Apex Legends map have a certain level of loot - the game reports this as soon as a fighter enters the camp. This indicator affects the chances of finding the best perks and armor. In the image below, purple locations have the highest chance, blue - medium, gray - low. In the rest of the map, there is only loot in the white-red capsules, so you should not land in the field.

Best map loot tiers

Loot tiers for map in Apex Legends
  • Purple locations - high loot tier
  • Blue locations - mid loot tier
  • White locations - low loot tier
All purple locations are located on the edges of the map so that players from the very beginning of the match begin the fight for the best equipment. But much more lively battles take place on the ship with supplies and in hot zones - they are indicated on the mini-map with special icons. The ship usually flies near the launch vehicle, and the zone is determined randomly at the beginning of the match. Any location, regardless of its basic level, can turn out to be hot - the chance to find the best perks there will increase significantly.

It is important to note that the map in Apex Legends is perfectly balanced and you probably can always find good things in the most popular places. In addition to choosing a place for loot, it is necessary to take into account the number of opponents who are flying close and will be your competitors, so always look around during the flight down and choose the most suitable place for your team. On the other hand, if you are confident in your abilities, then looting opponents will save you time if you can kill them and take all the interesting loot from their inventory.

Loot areas

On the map you can see 17 conditional "areas", which is assigned a separate name. In each of them, all items of equipment and weapons are randomly generated, but within a specified percentage of uniqueness. That is, the chance to acquire powerful guns in one area is much higher than in another. Moving between them with a very high probability will make you meet with opponents, so at the time of the first displacement of the circle you need to stock up on a minimum body kit in order to emerge as a winner from an open collision.

  • Slum Lakes - mid tier loot
  • Artillery - high tier loot
  • Water Treatment - high tier loot
  • Repulsor - high tier loot
  • Relay - high tier loot
  • The Pit - high tier loot
  • Runoff - high tier loot
  • Bunker - high tier loot
  • Swamps - high tier loot
  • Airbase - high tier loot
  • Thunderdome - high tier loot
  • Skull Town - mid tier loot
  • Market - mid tier loot
  • Bridges - mid tier loot
  • Cascades - mid tier loot
  • Wetlands - mid tier loot
  • Hydro Dam - low tier loot

Ways to loot better

In addition to the features of the map itself, Apex is a rather unique game, since it provides additional loot capabilities from the very start of the game, so each new game will have additional features.

Supply Crates

Supply Crates are an excellent alternative to the usual locations for the farm. You can find them in almost any part of the map, even if there are no towns and roads on it. In these boxes, there are always 2-4 items to loot, and their quality is random.

Supply Ship

From the very beginning on the map you can see the Supply Ship, which will contain an increased chance of loot, as well as the fastest point to start the game and the battle. Only the most aggressive players like to fall into this place, so be prepared for the fact that you have to fight a good loot. This place can be compared with the School of PUBG, which always fell those who thirst for battles and shootings. Beginners are not recommended to fall into this location.

Other loot options

In addition, there are several places on the map where good equipment is always stable, like a Bunker or an Air base. There is also always a place in the start of the match that will have increased chance of better loot called Hot Zone. It will be marked as a blue circle on the map.

When entering such a territory, information about the quality of loot is displayed under the name. When they are searched, do not limit yourself only to what lies on the floor and in large chests. In addition to them, there are also hidden lootboxes called Loot Ticks, like those of which skins fall out. They need to break, not open. 

If you want to get the best loot in the game - you should search for Supply Drop. This is a analog to Airdrops in other Battle Royale game such as PUBG so you should be ready to fight for it.

And, of course, we must not forget about the corpses. You can understand whether you can approach them by the glow: gold, purple or blue. The only thing, try not to loot comrades who can be revived nearby. © 2019