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Role: Detective, information scout


Technical, can scan the terrain, finding traps and traces even behind walls. It is transformed into a merciless predator (activation of the main skill), which multiply increases his feelings, which makes it possible to track down prey even more actively because with this he is also greatly accelerated.

The Bloodhound is known in the Outer Lands as one of the greatest hunters in the whole Frontier - and this is the only thing that is known about him. Who it really is is a mystery, filled with rumors: whether the rich is fabulous, or the bloodthirsty killer, or the goliath caster, or maybe a former slave or half bat, there are many theories and versions differ depending on the narrator.

Bloodhound stats

Bloodhound is top-6 most popular character in Apex Legends with 7.261% of pickrate
Bloodhound popularity

Skills and abilities


See tracks left behind by your foes.
Tracks and certain other actions leave visible traces and highlights for 60 seconds. Other actions include:
Footsteps and slides
Doors opened/destroyed
Enemies being hurt/killed
Item and weapon pickups
Emptied magazines
Vaults over obstacles
Activation of Gibraltar's Dome of Protection
Zipline usage
Portals made from Wraith's Dimensional Rift ability
Pulled Frag Grenade pins
Bandaged wounds
Recently opened Care Packages
Smoke residue from Bangalore's Smoke Launcher ability
Gas residue from Caustic's Nox Gas Trap and Nox Gas Grenade abilities
Shots fired from a sniper rifle.

Eye of the Allfather

Briefly reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues throughout structures ahead of you.
All nearby enemies and traps are highlighted to be seen by you and your allies. However, even if the highlight is visible for few seconds, it does not follow the movements of players and objects. They so may have moved from what you are actually seeing.

Beast of the Hunt

Enhances your senses, allowing you to move faster and highlighting your prey.
Upon activating, Field of View is increased, your vision turns black and white, and enemies are highlighted in red. Speed is also increased.
While active, you can see enemies through Bangalore's or Caustic smokes.
Since footsteps are tracked, Beast of the Hunt is a great way of finishing off a weakened enemy or finding a hiding foe.
Since enemies are highlighted in all red, it's much easier to see them from long to extreme range. This makes Beast of the Hunt a great scouting and sniping skill.
Seeing in black and white only can be troublesome concerning stuff on the ground or enemies' shields, which you cannot see the color (and so, the level).
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