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Hot Zone

Each time a special zone will be generated on the map, indicated by a blue circle, in which you will be able to find improved loot, and also sometimes find a fully equipped weapon. All the best starting loot falls there, so you should not be surprised if you meet a serious rebuff by trying to land there. Here everything is determined by the speed of reaction and luck - you should not try to defeat opponents with your bare hands, it never leads to anything good. 

Any item found in the Hot Zone has a chance to be very valuable, and these zones are your best chance to find extremely rare “fully equipped” weapons — gold versions of non-legendary weapons that are fully equipped with body kits.

Players are very fond of this area of ​​loot, so even very favorite points are often chosen, if they are marked in blue. Be prepared for the fact that you will meet some more teams at this point, so if you love action from the very start, then jump here boldly! © 2019