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Loot Ticks

Special robots on tripods are scattered throughout the map. You can find them by the characteristic sound, although sometimes their location is not always obvious from the first time. Be sure to break them - often with a “tick” falls valuable drop purple or orange level, including a fully “charged” legendary weapon.

Loot Ticks appear absolutely randomly on the map and there is no guarantee that looking into a familiar place there will again be this secret. It is worth noting that Loot Ticks spawn only at certain points on the map, and not randomly, so after playing a few dozen matches you will find that they appear only in hard-to-reach places. Do not forget to look around not only for finding opponents, but also for hoping for Loot Ticks.

Fortunately, having run next to the building in which this box will be located, you will not be able to not hear the typical sound. Loot Boxes appear almost always inside structures. You will rarely find them in open space, so Loot Ticks can also be called “Secret Loot Box”.

Color of Loot Ticks will match the quality of the loot that will be in it. The luckiest players will be able to find a weapon inside with all the gold enhancements packed.

Hidden Loot Robots are completely identical in appearance with the usual loot boxes, called "Apex Pack", which you get for the levels in the game. They also fall on 3 random things and they also glow in the same color as the things that fall out of them.

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