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Supply Crates

There are two main ways to find loot in Apex Legends. Firstly, it is loot inside the building or near any building or interesting place. The second is to open containers - large containers in white and red tones, which always appear in the same places in each match, and each of which contains three items of production, from weapons and attachments to treatment and equipment items.

Remember that you cannot close containers after you opened them, so an open container will indicate that someone has already been here. It is also worth noting that there is a bug in which the container can kill you, if at this time you are standing on the container, and by the way, you die immediately, so be careful.

Supply Crates map

Loot containers are a good alternative to high quality loot zones. Some areas on the map are heavily filled with containers, which will allow you to get good loot and then go to warmed-up opponents in popular areas.

For example, in the upper center of the card, called Artillery, there is a huge number of containers. In just a few minutes you will be able to scoop up more than 20 containers and almost no one ever jumps to such places intentionally, but only uses them as loot on the way to a certain point. If you successfully jumped into Artillery, it’s hard to think of a better direction with guaranteed loot than this zone with Supply Crates.

Red-and-white containers have a higher chance of getting starting loot in the form of basic armor, helmet, weapons, armor and treatment, so at the very start among the nearest piles of loot, try to pay attention to them. © 2019