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Supply Drop

Periodically throughout the match you will see a small blue circle on the map. This means a drop in supplies to this place. This gives you a great chance to get legendary equipment and weapons. This is the only way to find the .50-Cal Sniper rifle Kraber and Shotgun Mastiff. Currently, they are the only legendary weapon in the game and are very strong in the right hands.

The problem with the supply capsules is that they are very obvious when landing on the map, so if someone else is in the area, they will move in that direction.

Be careful robbing them, because you will be a good target if anyone else comes to check it out. If you have Gibraltar, you can put a shield on it, or you can use smoke from Bangalore to hide the area.


Supply Drop is a familiar feature for those who have already played Battle Royale games. The distinctive feature is that in Apex Legends these Airdrops are very noticeable and noisy. Besides the fact that everyone sees a mark on the map about the place of the fall, Airdrop is also highlighted in blue on the map, and also makes a noise that is heard very far on the map.

Care Package

Lifeline character possesses an absolutely identical skill, which can cause Airdrop from the sky with the help of its ultimate ability, but the quality of things from its ability is lower and always limited. You cannot get legendary items from the Care Package. The drop caused by this ability is also not marked on the map, so in the game you can always understand whether Airdrop was caused by players or is it a gift from the game. © 2019