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Supply Ship

The places where the ship of supplies with supplies arrives, are marked by a circle. The ship itself will be shown a white sign, and the place is blue.

Also at the very beginning of the match, you can see the floating supply in the air and this is a great point for a quick start. The odds that your team will be the only passengers it's 50/50. Often, players do not try to get there knowing of potential competition and choose a more secure route for subsequent traffic. It is necessary to act by analogy with the Hot zones. The faster you have a weapon in your hands, the more chances of survival get a team against less successful opponents.

After a while, the ship will complete the move, and several pop-ups will appear around for a successful landing. In principle, waiting for this moment is not necessary, because for a fall from a high altitude Apex Legends does not punish. But sometimes it is still useful to wait for the starting stage aboard if the direction of motion coincides with the radius of the circle's narrowing.

During the match, the ship will move, but you can get there immediately. When you are given the opportunity to jump, lift the card and find a white ship moving around the screen, aim and fly straight to it.
The ship is full of production, so when you land, with the team, distribute the ship directly in front of the landing and immediately run to harvest, and there is a lot of it here. But there will be plenty of hunters for it. Use the ability of the heroes to track down those who, with you, pretend to loot, and destroy them. For example, playing Caustic can you smoke a ship with poisonous bombs. © 2019